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"In Starbound we work in a content-rich environment.  I present a multilingual approach to public relations in Georgia within our internet-driven society. No longer are PR firms limited to where and how to direct their

penmanship, creativity, perception, and management skills."

-Maggy Martínez,

CMO of Starbound d PR


We recognize the success of our work within the context of a client's competitive political environment, and through the lessons that we can apply to future efforts.


We never stop helping our clients to broaden brand awareness and connect with new audiences. We bring our clients to new people, places, and pages – helping every industry engage with customers and expand their influences.

Client's testimonial

At Starbound, we create comprehensive PR & digital marketing strategies that address the needs of your target audience. We are a multilingual PR consulting firm that specializes in reputation management and sustainability.


We create culturally diverse PR and digital marketing campaigns designed to reach all communities effectively and efficiently. Through our ability to genuinely drill deep into the core messages of our client's brand, we are able to curate exclusive campaigns that can overcome any barrier while achieving measurable success. 

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