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Starbound acknowledges the unique qualities that each law firm has to offer. We have custom marketing and web design services for law firms interested in pursing one-time projects or ongoing campaigns.

Website Design & Programming

The Starbound approach to website design and programming is tailored to attract your potential clientele, by providing a custom look and unique feel that reflects the culture of your firm. Our primary goal when designing your website is to drive new, qualified leads through visually effective techniques that have been proven to encourage inquires.

Search Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Getting discovered through search engines is essential for any business looking to attract clients through online methods. Unlike web vendors, at Starbound we highly customize each search marketing campaign to fit the scope of your firms desired objectives. 

We coordinate with law firms to evaluate their current needs and future objectives and tailor a strategy and quote based on the size of geographic area(s) and competitiveness of the marketplace where they want to achieve success. Other factors that influence investment options are the age of your domain, amount of existing substantive content, existing assets on your website, community involvement activities, current search visibility, quality of online reputation and reviews, and many other factors. An experienced Marketing Strategist will discuss the above factors with you and offer a ballpark estimate by phone.

Social Media Management

Significant opportunities for community engagement, brand building, and strategic paid advertising exists within the social media realm. Creating and properly managing your firms social media presences will increase the amount of traffic driven to your website(s). At Starbound we establish and revitalize Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram profiles to overall improve the viral visibility of your law firm.

 Our social media services are often included as part of our comprehensive search marketing campaign investment. However, Starbound offers social media management packages exclusively for law firms. Packages depend on the level of maintenance that is required in order to convey an effective advertising campaign . If you have existing profiles with an extensive following, it will be less of an investment to build the network. If your firm has an active following, Starbound can immediately begin the enactment of an engagement strategy that will grab the attention of your following. rather than first implementing campaigns and strategies to build a network. If your profiles have limited followers, Starbound must first develop a strategy geared towards building  your network before the implementation of an engagement strategy can take place. Our custom social media campaigns work to expand your network and influence by tailoring each interaction to reflect the current branding style of your firm.

Web Marketing Campaign Audits

Our website audits will examine how effective your website is converting prospective clients into customers. Our audits examine all the elements related to achieving and maintaining your search visibility. Audits can be customized to focus on your design only, review the effectiveness of your paid advertising, and/or analyze the scope of your social media and search marketing efforts. After the audit is complete, we will consult with you to offer the most beneficial strategy in order for your firm to accomplish its web marketing goals.

We offer high-level audits that can be supplied at a nominal fee, as well as more extensive audits that will involve an in-depth investigation, which requires the efforts of outside expertise. In order to determine which level audit will be right for you, we must first understand why you are seeking an in-depth analysis. Once we identify your needs, we can recommend which web properties require evaluation and to what extent.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management

Strategic PPC campaigns can be highly effective for law firms seeking to drive exposure to their website. PPC campaigns can be set up and running within hours. With this service, you have the flexibility to start, stop, and adjust your budget at your discretion. To avoid losing considerable amounts of money with this method, Starbound will ensure that your firm has all the necessary elements in place to get the most out of this service.

Contact Starbound for a specific breakdown of our PPC management fees.

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