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Today, Brand PR is the foundation on which Starbound PR builds and carries out all strategies.


Its practice captures the brand’s distinctiveness and appeal, encapsulating the need it fills and what’s memorable about it. At its core, Brand PR is the projection of a solid image – the basis on which we can apply new tools and techniques to have success.


We find creative ways to tell an authentic and compelling story, adding value to the brand’s message. Building trust and credibility in the multicultural markets of our global economy requires connecting your brand with the meaningful values of each community via culturally relevant strategies. A one-size-fits-all approach does not cut it.



Starbound understands the Latino and multicultural consumer – who to reach … how to engage … what to say. Establishing a culturally relevant message across identified channels for effective engagement is the key to sparking conversation between you and your multicultural targets.


Some factors to consider when developing a multicultural communications campaign is whether consumers can identify with the brand and feel ownership based on their culture and belief. Some ways to accomplish this may include brand association with a Latino spokesperson or positioning the brand to resonate with family and community values.


Whether you’re marketing a new product, strengthening your community or employee relations, launching a new app or online service, seeking a higher profile or trying to maintain consumer confidence as you go through a management change, Starbound can help.

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